Welcome to my website!

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Welcome to my website! I am so excited to finally have a “virtual” place to meet you when we aren't getting together at my make up chair! I am looking very forward to sharing so many things with you!  My goal is to provide a more professional, yet personal way to communicate with you. I want to hear about your successes and your concerns and to post information for you. It really is More Than Make Up to me! It is Face Artistry and it is Relationship.

One of our sweetest clients referred to what we share as “A Sisterhood” and indeed it is! We are sisters who believe that when you look better, you feel better! Make up Therapy helps with so many things. It is like having a cup of tea or a glass of wine with a good friend, except you look better when you leave!


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Jodie: You are truly the best! I have enjoyed the many years our friendship and your expertise and tips in keeping me informed about skin care and makeup. I thoroughly enjoyed the Master Class; so informative; truly a hands on experience. The facial event was just another of the wonderful events organized by Jodie and I have truly enjoyed. I am looking forward to participating in the upcoming events. So, Jodie, keep me on your list of the "sisterhood". Many, many, thanks for the experience and friendship. Best to you always, Shirley

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Visiting your counter is not only good for the skin but also, for the spirit.

I always feel uplifted after sharing a few words with you.
Moisturizers & mascara mixed with hugs & smiles.

Always a true JOY to see you JODIE.

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Thank you precious Sandra! You are always a breath of fresh air coming in the door to see us! Have a wonderful time with your Mom!

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