October 2009

Thank you

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This morning I am reading email messages from people who have visited my website.

My first thought was, “Oh my gosh! I have so many people to thank!”

I'm sure that this will be an ongoing process.

Special Thanks to:

  • Jonathan Hawk for creating and hosting the website for me!
  • Heather Owens for always fabulous photos!
  • Pam Janis for being a copy writing genius!

And to brides and families of brides who contributed testimonials and photos:

Welcome to my website!

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Welcome to my website! I am so excited to finally have a “virtual” place to meet you when we aren't getting together at my make up chair! I am looking very forward to sharing so many things with you!  My goal is to provide a more professional, yet personal way to communicate with you. I want to hear about your successes and your concerns and to post information for you. It really is More Than Make Up to me! It is Face Artistry and it is Relationship.