My First Bridal Showcase

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On Sunday, April 14, in preparation for my new life, I participated in my first Bridal Showcase.

“2013 Styled at the Grand – IMPRESSION”.

The event was held at the Grand Historic Venue of the Tremont Suites Hotel in Baltimore MD.

Months in advance, The Designer Showrooms were reserved, by Designer/Planners. A variety of rooms are available for events there, all with various and of course beautiful décor. There are 5 small rooms, 4 medium rooms and 2 large rooms, in which various numbers of vendors, who were brought in by invitation, rented their space to exhibit.

Wine and Lipstick

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I haven't composed a blog post in a long time. As you must have assumed from my last post, life has revolved around Sweet Caroline, our grandaughter, about whom I wrote in the last post.

Every time that we visit Caroline and her family in Albany, there is some sort of "Glam" going on. Makeup, nails, hair braiding...whatever it takes. Girls just want to have fun and look good and feel better! (That was adapted from Cindy Lauper, the American Cancer Society and me!)

I will share more about Caroline in a future post, but in this post I want to share the fun of…

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