Big Make Up Changes! glominerals is now Glo Skin Beauty! and my Inventory is 50% off!

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Glominerals makeup
Glominerals makeup
Glominerals make up
Glominerals make up
Glominerals make up
Glominerals Make up
Glominerals Make up
Glominerals Make up
Glominerals Make up
Glominerals Make up
Glominerals Make up
Glominerals Make Up
Glominerals Make Up

The make up line that I carry in my home studio, glominerals has recently rebranded.  Products have been added, discontinued and repackaged.  I am selling my remaining inventory at 50% off plus tax and shipping, (unless you prefer to pick up), to make room for the new Glo SKIN BEAUTY products.  Let me know if you would like to schedule a complimentary consultation in my studio to see the products that I have on hand, or if you don’t live locally to consult by phone.

Below is a list of my remaining inventory, which shows the full retail price, so don’t forget to take half off!  


1 Hydration Mist Revive 20.00
1  Hydration Mist Moist 20.00
1 Micro Precise Lipliner Pale Magenta 14.00
2  Precision Lipliner Pencils Petal 17.00
1  Precision Lipliner Pencil Vino 17.00
1  Contour Kit Med/Dark 36.00
1 Camouflage Kit 25.00
2 Finishing Sponges 5.00
1 Blotting Papers 8.00
2 Sunkist Bronzer 42.00
2 Suede Matte Lip Crayon Demure 16.00
3 Suede Matte Lip Crayon Monogram 16.00
1 Suede Matte Lip Crayon Trademark 16.00
1 Cream Glaze Lip Crayon Heirloom 18.00
3 Cream Glaze Lip Crayon Jetset 18.00
2 Cream Glaze Lip Crayon Chiffon 18.00
1 Lip Gloss Plum Glaze 20.00
2 Lipstick Sugar Plum 18.00
1 Lip Moisturizer 15.50
1 Lip Balm Cherry 14.00
1 Cream Blush First Love 26.00
1 Cream Blush Guava 26.00
3 Suede Matte Lip Stick Pinup 16.00
2  Suede Matte Lip Stick Memento 16.00
3 Suede Matte Lip Stick Bliss 16.00
3 Suede Matte Lip Stick Punch 16.00
1 Cream Stay Shadow Stick Pitch 20.00
2 Cream Stay Shadow Stick Concord 20.00
1 Eye Make Up Remover 15.00
1  Brow Gel Brown 18.00
1 Jeweled Eye Pencil Cobalt 18.00
2 Persuasion Eye Palettes 46.00 (this one is 75% off)
2 Eye Shadow Single Coy 19.00
2 Eye Shadow Single Graphite 19.00
1 Eye Shadow Single Greystone 19.00
2 Crayon Sharpeners 10.00
2 Pencil Sharpeners 10.00



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