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I haven't composed a blog post in a long time. As you must have assumed from my last post, life has revolved around Sweet Caroline, our grandaughter, about whom I wrote in the last post.

Every time that we visit Caroline and her family in Albany, there is some sort of "Glam" going on. Makeup, nails, hair braiding...whatever it takes. Girls just want to have fun and look good and feel better! (That was adapted from Cindy Lauper, the American Cancer Society and me!)

I will share more about Caroline in a future post, but in this post I want to share the fun of…

Sunday, June 10th and The Wine and Lipstick Event with all of you.

It has been my recent pleasure to collaborate with Alison Somerville Brooks, on an event that was new to both of us. As a wine consultant, Alison has paired wine with food countless times. As a make up artist, I have paired lipstick with gloss and liner countless times. Apart from the lip prints, inadvertently left on our wine glasses, neither of us has paired wine with lipstick, but that is exactly what we did for this event.

Alison chose a delicious variety of affordable wines: 3 whites and 3 reds. As she poured and shared her expertise, guests helped themselves to a variety of assembled cheeses, fruit, chocolate and of course… lipstick, liner and gloss. When it was time to say goodbye, our guests left us, convinced that discovering new wines and acquiring new lip looks was a great way to spend two hours on a Sunday afternoon.

In closing I will add, that in planning this event, I wanted to do something unique, not a facial event, not a makeup artist event and this was it! Alison also did not “break the budget” in her wine choices. I know that our guests enjoyed themselves and would I do it again? Absolutely!

Alison, otherwise known as The Wandering Blonde WineO, shared about this event on her blog.

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