The Lancôme Sisterhood

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Katherine (center in the photo) is a member of our Lancôme sisterhood.  She enclosed both of the pictures that appear in this posting in a beautiful card with a scene from Maine, since it is a place that we both love to visit.

She is one of the beautiful women who visit our counter to enjoy “Cosmetic Therapy: conversation, laughter, make up and skincare. She is one of the women who come not only for the cosmetics, but for the relationship. She is in fact the very woman who coined the phrase, “sisterhood” to describe our clients who have become like family to us!

Back in the fall, Katherine came in to have her makeup done for her husband's 90 Birthday party.  We had such a good time getting her ready for the birthday brunch and then sharing the post party details, especially the story about the belly dancer who danced with her husband Wil and grandsons!  In the card she thanked me for being her "fairy godmother" so that she could "shine".  The women who work near my counter joined in and we even consulted Angelica, a "scarf tying expert" from accessories.  To me, it felt like the scene from Cinderella where the mice got her ready for the ball!  This really is so much more than make up!!!

As we have become “sisters” we have learned that Katherine's nickname is Fifi. During this month of January, she also celebrated a birthday and so, Happy Birthday Fifi! We hope that this is your best year ever!  Your friends and family still have a number of years to plan, before you catch up to Wil, but his party will definitely be a hard act to follow! 

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