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Last Thursday, I headed to my long time client and friend, Josie's house for a Make-Up Party. My daughter Kim joined me to assist. Josie and I have been trying to coordinate this for some time, and both of us were pleased that it finally worked out.

She invited about 10 friends over for wine and snacks and makeup. She assembled quite a tempting spread. I wish we would have taken pictures! We began the lesson at about 7:30. I had asked in advance for a “make-up model”. Judy, a soon to be bride, was our girl. I had each guest follow along as we went over skincare and then into make up. Kim and I matched each guest to a Lancôme foundation and presented them with a sample vial. We discussed products, tools and makeup application as I went through each step with Judy.

Then our Lippman nail expert Lisa arrived and told the group about her fabulous products. Deborah Lippman is the manicurist to the stars and she has great videos to watch! We also shared the best kept secret to beautiful feet. If you want to know just ask me!

We sent each guest home with a goody bag from Lancôme and Neiman Marcus, a “How to Apply Makeup” sheet and hopefully, with much more expertise than when they arrived.

It doesn't get much better for makeup fans than a room full of women sharing beauty secrets, good food, good wine and great company! Now that they have had time to go through their makeup bags and compare notes, all of the guests are invited to personal makeup appointments with me at the Beauty Event. It is the perfect opportunity to fill in the gaps in their makeup collection and receive 2 great gifts!

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