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Composing a work of art fulfills the passion of the artist and when completed, it evokes a response from its audience.  This is true of every art form.  Part of the process of creating art is analyzing the work as it progresses.  When I work, I stand back, turn my head from side to side, squint my eyes, to see the shadows and light and decide which areas need further attention.

I am truly blessed to say that some of the art which I have created graces the walls of clients, friends and family.  I enjoy composing art of many forms.  In fact, some of my most fulfilling work has been created on living canvases.  I am referring to the art of makeup and I call it, “Face Artistry”.  

This art form is an interactive experience, where the subject and the artist work together to create the finished product.  The end result, though temporary, is an intimate rendering, which can empower its wearer.  I have observed and experienced a noticeable difference in how women feel and in how they are treated when they are wearing make up.  We approach life with a heightened level of confidence while wearing it.  As an artist, I knew that apart from photos and memories, these countless “paintings” which I have created on faces would not last.  I knew that they would be washed away at the end of the evening, but the essence of the matter is that they have blessed me more than many of the works on canvas and paper, which will long outlive me!

During my career, I have discovered that make up can truly be magic!  Little girls performing in dance recitals become instant princesses.  The same is true for tweens and teens attending school dances.  Make up can help young women, to make a smooth transition from “casual” to “polished” as they graduate college and embark on their careers.  Brides can become their own version of Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn, with a little hairstyle and makeup magic.  Young mothers, who begin to see signs of aging before they exist, see their bride self again, with the help of make up.  Our Baby Boomer woman was born between 1946 and 1964.  She is remaining in the workforce longer and is competing for jobs with younger candidates.  Personalized, youthful make up application, helps her to do so, with increased confidence.

Before there were Baby Boomers, there were those of what is called the Silent Generation 1925–1945.  The photos that I have included in this blog post are of beautiful friends who are of that generation who happen to be in their late 80s!  With or without make up, they are amazing women, who have a zest for life, who don't allow the numbers on their birth certificates to dictate how active they should be.  Both of them still work outside the home.  One as a volunteer and the other as a business owner–operator.  Attitude has so much to do with beauty!  

I have borrowed a greeting from my friend Coleen, who is a medical aesthetician.  When her patients arrive for their service, she always greets them with, “Hi Beautiful (your name here)!”  Spreading beauty is such a rewarding mission!  Who doesn't want to be encouraged to feel that they look their best?  

“Look Good, Feel Better” is the name of the make up program for women who are battling cancer.  When I attended the class to be accredited for the program, I realized that if it is true for those brave women, then it is true for all of us!  Looking good helps all of us to feel better!  

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