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On April 11th, 2013, Neiman Marcus, Mazza Gallerie very graciously, hosted a Farewell Champagne Celebration, at which I was honored. I am truly at a loss for words, to thank those who put the event together and to thank my wonderful friends, who were kind enough to attend.

It was absolutely one of the most memorable times of my life! I was blessed to share that unforgettable evening with so many of my “Lancome Sisters (and some brothers) and to have the opportunity to introduce some of my family members to them. My heart has been filled with treasured memories and my home has been filled with cards, gifts and fragrant flowers. During the evening some beautiful bouquets were placed in my arms, which gave me a “Miss America”, feeling, as I received them. The huge bouquet of roses in the photo, was a gift to me from Neiman's. One of my guests was Adrienne Whyte, who blogs the Best Things in Beauty. She was kind enough to take photos as well as mention me in a recent post.

As if that wasn't enough …

on Saturday, April 20th, my last day at Neiman's, I was surprised, by my friends, from the cosmetics department, with a beautiful luncheon in one of our private rooms. It was such a treasured time for me. I think that I must be the most blessed person on earth, to have been so honored, by my colleagues. They contributed the delicious food, cakes, etc., and then they presented me with a beautiful bracelet. They knew that I had admired it, but I thought that it had been sold to someone else, while all of the time, it was waiting for me, as a gift from them! They truly thought of everything: beautifully decorated room, hand painted card by Teresa, flowers on the table, photos and even peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, to remind me of my daily lunch there! It couldn't have been more special.

So now, I am basking in the afterglow of one of the most memorable times of my life, and counting down the days until our grand baby boy arrives!

I am so grateful for the years, or months that we have shared and I look forward to the ones that are yet to come. As promised, I will keep you informed, as this new chapter in my life unfolds and I will be back soon! –Jodie

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